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Hello, penguins!
If you haven’t noticed already, the island has been getting more colder. This is because we’ve emerged into Winter. To celebrate, we’re throwing a Winter Party! Get comfy in your igloo and change up your usual fashion into really comfortable and warm wear in order to combat the cold! You may notice a few yetis appearing on the island, specifically in our lastest party attraction. If you see one, make sure to roar! We have also changed one of the rooms with the Winter Party which is the Stadium and have replaced it with an Ice Rink. As we have approached Winter, it’s better to change up the sports scenery with a more suitable sport for the season, Ice Hockey. Of course, this change does come with a brand new Snow and Sports catalog, so make sure to grab some skates!

Winter Part - Great snow Maze (Penguin World)

That’s not all! We’ve got more exciting things arriving, such as our main attraction, constructed by Rory exclusively for this party! We’re introducing the Great Snow Maze which is located in the Ski Village. You will need to locate your way through the maze in order to claim the hidden prize. If you think you’ve got the brains and you’re cool enough, try to complete the maze without the map…
Dive in and have some fun with your buddies now! Let us know how you find the party and comment below if you managed to complete the Great Snow Maze without the map! Don’t forget to check the latest newspaper for more updates on what’s to come.
Hope to see you on the island!
Waddle on.

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  • Port says:

    Lame isn’t purple in the picture I am disappointed and sad 🙁

  • Vard says:

    I beat it without the map…

    because I followed Codey through the maze hehe

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