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Hiya Everyone!


I hope everyone is having a relaxing summer because it’s about to get really exciting. We will be launching Penguin World very soon so that your wonderful adventure on this island can continue! Let me tell you guys a bit more about our upcoming world. You’ll be able to witness the Club Penguin which existed from 2007-2012! We know that the community loves to see features which they’ve never seen before, and that is something which we plan on doing!


We have a wonderful set of team who are passionate about Penguin World. They will be making sure that the island is safe and nobody breaks any rules. The Team of Penguin World LOVES to interact with you guys, which is why we’ll be hosting meet-ups every now and then.


“What should we expect from Penguin World once it is released?” – We will be releasing the Open Beta to the community very soon and from then onwards we will be hosting monthly parties and events to keep everyone busy! As usual, catalogs will be updated every month. I can’t wait to see what funky costumes will you guys be wearing!




Let me tell you guys something about the Community Page. Over here, we’ll keep you updated regarding the game. When we’ll be hosting a meet-up, The Next Party, Fun Facts regarding Penguin World, etc. “Wait, Dylan didn’t mention POTW!?” Oops, how could I forget!? We will also be posting the winners of the weekly series, popularly known as Penguin of the Week, right here on the Community Page! May the best people, or should I say penguins, win!


We’re aiming to provide a unique experience to the community and we’re hoping to see you waddling around the island with all your friends. You can join our Discord today & be the first to know the updates taking place on Penguin World!


Waddle On!


– Penguin World Team



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