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Greetings Penguins,





You’ve read the title, welcome to Penguin World’s BETA! The wait is finally over, the doors are opening and you are now able to set sail to our brand new island.


So, what does BETA even mean? I’ll explain in the simplest way I can! Penguin World isn’t quite ready for a practical release. So, in order for our users to give us feedback about our new game (this could be suggestions, bug-reporting, etc.) we allow Penguins to settle into our island and test it out!


What’s in it for me, the user? Besides being able to play the game, we are hosting our BETA Test Party! This is a small celebration of Penguin World’s open-beta release. Now listen, there is something else very special for you for testing our game. This is an item that will never return to Penguin World… the party hat, otherwise collectively known as the “beta” hatThis wacky, but tacky cone of celebration will NEVER return again. So absolutely do NOT forget to grab yourself one! It’s totally free!


So Penguins, Welcome to BETA!


A new adventure awaits you!


– Penguin World Team

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  • Dinojansi says:

    Let’s get this bread gamers3

  • Lamewo says:

    We’re finally in BETA bois

  • Faysal Anik says:


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