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Hey Penguins,
Our final party for 2019 has officially dropped! The island’s been coated with snow, so don’t miss the opportunity to throw snowballs at your buddies when they steal the seat at the Coffee Shop closest to the fireplace (though don’t throw snowballs inside the building!).

Penguins at the Coffee Shop

As the year comes to an end, gather all your buddies and sit by the fireplace and talk about some key moments you’ve had in 2019 and what you’re expecting next in 2020!

Penguin Skating on Penguin World

Once you’ve had some time with your buddies to catch up with what they’ve been up to this year, go run a fashion competition or have some fun and go Ice Skating in the Docks. There should be plenty to do in the Holiday Party both on your own and with your buddies. Though, the experience is always a thousand times better when you do it with your buddies.
Thank you for playing Penguin World and we hope you consider to support us as we progress into a new year. Let us know what you think of the Holiday Party and how we can improve in the comments, our Discord Server or on Twitter.
Happy Holidays!

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