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Greetings, Penguins!


As you probably noticed, there was no Penguin of the Week this previous Monday,


This was no mistake, penguins.


You’ve read the title, please allow me to introduce: Penguin of the Bi-Week!


Penguin of the “Bi” Week? Huh?


That’s correct. Penguin of the Bi-Week is a new, bi-weekly penguin-rewarding experiment that comes with some new perks that are described in this blog-post. Penguin of the Bi-Week, will be scheduled for every two weeks, instead of every Monday. “Bi” means two, if you didn’t know!



Okay, cool. Penguin of the Bi-Week. But why?


A week isn’t a very large amount of time. In order to properly and securely choose a Penguin of the Week, the Penguin World team needs to verify that any qualifying penguins are truly the best we can choose. Unfortunately for new users, or users that can’t be active all the time, this can be a struggle to qualify. A two week period however, gives users double the amount of time before each Penguin of the Week is picked, so new penguins who may potentially qualify can be noticed and monitored! It’s a pity to see a qualified penguin fall out of the qualification right before Monday.



Is Penguin of the Bi-Week permanent?


Nope! Penguin of the Bi-Week is a temporary experiment. How long we continue with this update will be based off of community activity and most importantly, community feedback.



Alrighty, I get the picture. Anything else?


You think I’d just leave you on a name change, and double the wait for Penguin of the Week?


Here’s something you might enjoy:



That’s right. The prize coin amount has been increased to 10,000 coins. Thankfully, Gary is very generous and is letting us borrow his profits straight from the Gift Shop coin vault. We’ll pay him back. I think…



Well penguins, that’s all for now. Penguin of the Bi-Week will be beginning this Monday! The preppy penguins at Penguin World are trying our flippers at something new, so pretty PLEASE let us know your thoughts on Penguin of the Bi-Week on our official Penguin World social media profiles, the comments on this blog-post below, or our support email at support@penguinworld.co.


Until next time, Waddle On!


By on January 22, 2020 | 2 Comments


  • Palito says:

    I love this idea ;p very excited to see who’s gonna get it next week!

  • Yash says:

    Nice Idea! This’d make the community better. Excited to see who’s gonna be the first Penguin Of The Bi-Week <3 PeaceāœŒ

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