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Greetings, Penguins!


Welcome back to the latest edition of Penguin of the Week!


A very special penguin is here to be rewarded, so let’s dive right into it! This penguin has been here since our humble beginnings, can always be seen participating in community events, hanging out with friends, and always available to help anyone who needs it.



Congratulations, Rhys! Your passion and presence during our game’s time so far is highly appreciated! Thanks for always being about the island, we’re glad to see you around. Your time and dedication to Penguin World does not go unnoticed, penguins. Oh, I forgot to mention something else! Besides being an active user, this penguin also makes some fine custom artwork that they have submitted to us.


I’d like to share a piece with you now:



This is a custom mascot background spoof of one of Rhys’ penguin characters, Blue, who is a very talented baker!


So, how does one become Penguin of the Week? We look for penguins who help others around the island, report misbehaving penguins, and are active within the community. Oh, and don’t forget a sassy outfit!


Until next time, Penguins. Waddle on!


– Penguin World Team

By on October 28, 2019 | 3 Comments


  • Port says:

    Congrats bro!

  • Rhys says:

    Yo that blue helmet gonna look sweet

  • Palito says:

    Congrats man, you deserved this since day one :p cheers!

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