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Greetings, Penguins!


Welcome back to the latest edition of Penguin of the Week!


This week, well, just like every week, we are going to be rewarding a very special penguin. This penguin’s young age does not stop them from being active, having fun, and warming our hearts. This penguin can always be found exploring our island, guiding newcomers, and being a great friend. This penguin’s friendly and positive attitude has garnered them a reputation within the Penguin World community, with many other penguins demanding they be rewarded with a Green Viking helmet.


Well, I hope it didn’t take too long.



Congratulations, brd5686! Your dedication to our island has secured you a shiny and new Green Viking helmet. Like many other penguins would agree, your frequent activity, friendly and cheerful attitude, and respect for those who help Penguin World work have been noticed and greatly appreciated. We hope that you continue to join us through our adventures and be apart of many more memories to come.


On one last note, I would like to display a drawing this penguin has made for me, Aj22000, and thank them for their masterpiece, and all other similar work they’ve done for the community.



So, how does one become Penguin of the Week? We look for penguins who help others around the island, report misbehaving penguins, and are active within the community. Oh, and don’t forget a sassy outfit!


Until next time, Penguins. Waddle on!


– Penguin World Team

By on October 21, 2019 | 7 Comments


  • Port says:


  • Pizzazz says:

    Congratulations Brd! Enjoy your week!

  • Palito says:

    This had to happen! Thanks for being amazing brd, we all love ya! <3

  • PedroPT says:

    Congratulations ;D

  • Lamewo says:

    Congrats brd! Appreciate the work you do on the island and maintaining such a positive. Looking forward to seeing you on the island with the Green Viking Helmet :eyes:

  • Dime says:

    Congrats BRD! Well deserved ^^

  • Julia says:

    Well done Brd, you deserve it. You’re such a sweet and active member of the community 🙂 Wear your helmet in pride!

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