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The twentieth Penguin of the Week, in 2020. Now that’s cool.




Not as cool as our Penguin of the Week.


Whoever chooses Penguin of the Week must be out of their penguin mind. How? How could they not pick this penguin sooner? Why has this penguin NOT been chosen yet? Every requirement. Every day.


This penguin is helpful, active, friendly, trusting, understanding, blah, blah, blah. We’ve been doing this 20 weeks now penguins, if you’re here, you’re a star. This penguin, faced with the dangers of their surroundings, watching the skies of their own REAL island turn from blue to grey. Families are displaced, property is destroyed. Through all this, this penguin always makes time for community and activity. There are no words to describe a person like that. Except absolutely-totally stupendous. There’s some words.  On the lighter side, this penguin shares some fantastic, albeit subjective, music tastes with the penguin writing this. Always a great sport, the life of the party, and the ling- (*cough*) I mean- the light to a penguin’s day.



Lingling, you are here rewarded today for your bravery, honesty, charity, and activity. Above all, you’re there. Beside the virtual items you shall receive, the penguin behind the screen is what truly makes Penguin of the Week so special. Thanks for sticking by our island, but it’s time to help YOUR island.


Some links are provided to help support the ongoing New South Wales bushfires that are currently affecting Australia. Wildlife, peoples, homes, lives, careers, lifestyles: destroyed. Any amount donated goes directly to support the cause to protect and salvage what can be during these dangerous times in Australia.






Until next time, penguins. Stay safe, and Waddle On!


By on January 13, 2020 | 4 Comments


  • Port says:

    Congrats Bling Bling <3 you deserve it kween!

  • Aj22000 says:

    ‘Twas about time we handed the helmet over to you! Stay safe, and congratulations again! – Your pal, Aj22000.

  • Lamewo says:

    Omg congratulations, lingling, you totally deserved PoTW and it amazes me to see how dedicated you are making time for this community while also being in a really dangerous environment right now, stay safe and, once again, congratulations.

  • penguim says:

    congrats!ENJOY YOUR WEEK!

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