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Greetings, Penguins!


Welcome back to Penguin of the Bi-Week!


This penguin is notable for their community contributions. Just like their name implies, this penguin exerts loudness and violins. Just kidding. I think. Back to what I saying- something about community contribution- Oh yeah – this penguin contributes to our Penguin World wiki very often, is very active in our official community Discord server, and is always such a pleasure to be around. Again, purely speculation. LOL, just kidding, they are. This penguin is always keeping track of what’s happening and new. So, please allow me to introduce our second Penguin of the Bi-Week!



Congratulations, Jazz7! It has been a pleasure having you on our island so far, your community activity is greatly appreciated and noted. Your reminders are also noted and appreciated. Ha-ha, wink wink. Anyway- please enjoy a brand new, shiny, and pointy Green Viking helmet with an additional 10,000 coins. You’re a real KEY to our island, and your contributions are always NOTED! Ha-ha, jazz jokes!


So, how does one become Penguin of the Bi-Week? We look for penguins who help others around the island, report misbehaving penguins, and are active within the community. Oh, and don’t forget a sassy outfit!


Until next time, Penguins. Waddle On!


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