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Greetings, Penguins!


Today, Penguin World history is about to be made. Only weeks after our gates have opened, the island has become home for some fantastic members of the community. Helping their peers earn a special stamp or find a secret item in the catalog, these are things that the most special of penguins do. Penguins who don’t give up on those who don’t quite understand, and guide them through their journey. Penguins who report those who are doing wrong, but embrace the ones doing right.


Well, we have some rewarding to do.


A penguin that embodies all that a superstar community member has to offer shall be celebrated today.



Congratulations, Venus! You have been an absolute pleasure to our community. Our acknowledgement may never fully recognize the great you do. We couldn’t have found someone more deserving of our very first Penguin of the Week spot. We hope that you continue to serve our island, bring smiles to our beaks, and wear your Green Viking helmet in pride. But don’t forget about the 1,000 coins!


So, how does one become Penguin of the Week? We look for penguins who help others around the island, report misbehaving penguins, and are active within the community. Oh, and don’t forget a sassy outfit!


Until next time, penguins. Waddle on!


– Penguin World Team

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Hiya Penguins! 


It has been a week ever since Penguin World was released and it’s amazing to see the game grow so quickly. Now that the Beta Party is over, it’s time for us to tell you what’s to come on Penguin World over the upcoming weeks!


Get your Hiking Outfits ready because we’re all heading on an adventure. The Mountain Expedition will be starting from August 13th – August 19th. Climb the Mountain Peak and achieve victory! Do you have what it takes to reach on top of the mountain? 😀 



Quite a lot of penguins had asked me over on Discord about POTW, and I finally have some good news for you guys. We will be starting the weekly series, known as Penguin of the Week, from the first week of September. “How do I win POTW?”? The rules are pretty simple, all you have to do is to be active and helpful towards the community! 


The winners will be announced on this page every Monday, starting from September! 


Waddle On! 

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Greetings Penguins,





You’ve read the title, welcome to Penguin World’s BETA! The wait is finally over, the doors are opening and you are now able to set sail to our brand new island.


So, what does BETA even mean? I’ll explain in the simplest way I can! Penguin World isn’t quite ready for a practical release. So, in order for our users to give us feedback about our new game (this could be suggestions, bug-reporting, etc.) we allow Penguins to settle into our island and test it out!


What’s in it for me, the user? Besides being able to play the game, we are hosting our BETA Test Party! This is a small celebration of Penguin World’s open-beta release. Now listen, there is something else very special for you for testing our game. This is an item that will never return to Penguin World… the party hat, otherwise collectively known as the “beta” hatThis wacky, but tacky cone of celebration will NEVER return again. So absolutely do NOT forget to grab yourself one! It’s totally free!


So Penguins, Welcome to BETA!


A new adventure awaits you!


– Penguin World Team

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Hiya Everyone!


I hope everyone is having a relaxing summer because it’s about to get really exciting. We will be launching Penguin World very soon so that your wonderful adventure on this island can continue! Let me tell you guys a bit more about our upcoming world. You’ll be able to witness the Club Penguin which existed from 2007-2012! We know that the community loves to see features which they’ve never seen before, and that is something which we plan on doing!


We have a wonderful set of team who are passionate about Penguin World. They will be making sure that the island is safe and nobody breaks any rules. The Team of Penguin World LOVES to interact with you guys, which is why we’ll be hosting meet-ups every now and then.


“What should we expect from Penguin World once it is released?” – We will be releasing the Open Beta to the community very soon and from then onwards we will be hosting monthly parties and events to keep everyone busy! As usual, catalogs will be updated every month. I can’t wait to see what funky costumes will you guys be wearing!




Let me tell you guys something about the Community Page. Over here, we’ll keep you updated regarding the game. When we’ll be hosting a meet-up, The Next Party, Fun Facts regarding Penguin World, etc. “Wait, Dylan didn’t mention POTW!?” Oops, how could I forget!? We will also be posting the winners of the weekly series, popularly known as Penguin of the Week, right here on the Community Page! May the best people, or should I say penguins, win!


We’re aiming to provide a unique experience to the community and we’re hoping to see you waddling around the island with all your friends. You can join our Discord today & be the first to know the updates taking place on Penguin World!


Waddle On!


– Penguin World Team



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