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Welcome Penguins!
Today is a very special day for us as it’s Club Penguin’s 14th Birthday! To celebrate, we will be holding a very special anniversary party for Club Penguin, here at Penguin World for the next week.
Log in now and collect the rare and exclusive 14th Anniversary Party Hat from the Coffee Shop and take a slice of cake to celebrate the occasion.


Club Penguin 14th Anniversary


Take this time to sit down with your buddies and share all the amazing memories you’ve had on Club Penguin. Never played Club Penguin before? That’s also okay! Still, take this time to cherish this very extraordinary day as it only happens once a year!
We hope you enjoy this remarkable party. Leave a comment letting us know how much you are enjoying this party, your most memorable moment on Club Penguin or Penguin World with your Penguin World username.
See you on the island!
Waddle On.

By on October 24, 2019 | 13 Comments


  • Cowboy says:

    My favorite memory of club penguin when the command room first was released and i figured out how to get in! it was mind blowing at the time. Especially since im not good at finding things or solving puzzles, it seems silly now, but it felt like a huge accomplishment at the time! When i think of all the little unique things in club penguin,it makes me smile!

  • Alexm03 says:

    My favorite memory of club penguin when i greet new penguins & pals from town and many more, i always sometimes i enjoying hangout, play games, dance, earning stamps, alot of event, winner CJ and much much more.

    • Lamewo says:

      Club Penguin really shone when it came to communicating, meeting and playing with friends which were one of the key parts of Club Penguin I also loved :’)

  • Palito says:

    Such an incredible post! Well, one of my favorite memories on Club Penguin was when i used to go to a friend’s house… i don’t even remember his name now! Haha and i played the fair for the first time ever… so every day i went to his house to play, i was fascinated! Also, i had another friend… i went to his house to play more casual mini-games on Club Penguin, like the DJ3K or Ice Fishing, oh, the memories! And, on Penguin World my favorite memories are from August at the moment… when the mountain expedition came, that was fantastic! So many good memories there, like when i met Gary for the first time with some buddies, i recorded it by the way haha. So, those are some of the ton of good memories i have. This is why this game is so important to me, it brings me back to the past in a good way, and that’s unpayable!

    • Lamewo says:

      That’s such a sweet memory on the Original CP, Palito. It reminds me of something I did that was similar. I remember when Card-Jitsu Water came out I was so bad at it and kept raging every time I lost. I went over to my friend’s house and he watched me play and give me pointers. Tbh I’m still not good at to this day but at least I was able to become a Water Ninja. If Card-Jitsu Water does come out on Penguin World I wonder how rusty my skills are gonna be… probably revert back to when it first came out on OG CP. YES! Ice fishing! My only two favourite games are Ice Fishing and Card-Jitsu FIRE on the Original CP. Though as I kept trying out Cart Surfer on PW I’m starting to take a liking on that too.

      I’m glad Penguin World is able to somewhat take you back. I hope you continue to feel the experience as we continue to re-create more of the old parties and summon more mascots.

  • Port says:

    Well I have so much fun and favorite memory from this amazing CPPS, From Being selected for the 6th PoTW to Making new friends on the island and on the discord server, it will be really hard to chose so I will mention some of it!

    The Beta Party! it was so fun! seeing the reactions of penguins that has been waiting months for this game to launch, it was really joyful experience!

    The Fair! it is definitely on my top 3 Favorite Party list so far! seeing everyone playing the fun Fair games and collecting tickets to redeem prizes at the prize booth. And of course don’t forget the surprise visit from the legend himself Rookie! He came on the island and celebrated my birthday with members of the community! it was really unexpected and I will always remember it and be thankful for it!

    The Halloween Party, it always has been my favorite party in Club Penguin and of course the Penguin World staff team didn’t disappoint! It is my favorite party so far on Penguin World! seen all the penguins dressing up for the occasion and penguins decorating their igloo for the Halloween Igloo Contest and everyone in the halloween spirit was really wonderful and wholesome experience!

    Club Penguin 14th Anniversary party omg this party is on another level, the staff team killed it!! I absolutely love the custom party hat! and the party rooms especially the coffee shop! it shows all the hard work the team put into this amazing party!!

    and finally there wouldn’t be memories if it wasn’t for the amazing community this game has! And I want to personally Thank some penguin for being part of my Penguin world / Club Penguin memory! Thank you Palito, Mia, Juwulia, Lameowo, AJAJA, Chris, Seto, Joel, Venolly, Ride, Blanca, Rocky, Mayo, Pupu, Tie Gang and all the other penguins I didnt mention cuz it would be longer than it is y’all are amazing!!! This is just the being of this awesome Penguin World Adventure!

    • Lamewo says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words Port! We’re glad you really enjoyed the party and hope to, in the future, release more custom parties like these. I also loved the Fair, it was an amazing party to experience on both the Orginal Club Penguin and on Penguin World. However, on Penguin World, it was so cool to see how everybody gathered around for your birthday, including Rookie himself!

  • Dress says:

    I feel like the anniversary parties have always been the best, they make people unite, meet and have fun.I will always be thankful for those.

  • Rhys says:

    Yo this party was amazing if you didn’t get to experience it I feel bad for you.

  • tiresome says:

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