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Hello, penguins!
Our second ever custom party since the Club Penguin’s 14th Anniversary Party, the Swinter Party, has arrived! I’m sure you’ve been able to tell by now that Swinter means a party celebrating both Summer and Winter! The party will be running for an entire week, starting from today until February 10th.
The island has been decorated where you’ll find half of the island is still as freezing cold as ever from the winter while the other half is somewhat warmer. Waddle around and hang out with all your penguin pals on whichever of the two you all prefer or even a balance of both! I’ve also been given word that Gary will be arriving exclusively for the Swinter Party so he can gather reviews about what you all think about his effort in turning half of the island into a sandy paradise. In spite of his efforts, he will be giving away a brand new background to all players who come online to meet him, so log in occasionally and keep your eyes peeled so you don’t miss him!

On that note, we’ve recently launched the Snow and Sports catalog and will soon be launching our brand new Penguin Style catalog. Once it releases, make sure you go grab everything you need from those catalogs before they go! Not everything will return for the next catalog. Please let us know about your experience with our new party below and, of course, how we can improve for the next parties to come.
We hope you enjoy the party!
Waddle on.

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